ESTOKEN is an alternative marketplace for buying and selling tokenized real estate assets.

Provide real estate investor opportunity and liquidity

Provide real estate firms with greater exposure to interested investors

Minimize real estate firm operational overhead through tokenization and advanced blockchain ledger technologies

Do you want to reduce investor overhead?

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Tokenization of Real Estate

Real estate represents the biggest single asset class that may be tokenized. Global real estate is around $228 trillion and only 7% of this is available to retail investors. Only 3% of the global population has invested in real estate, but more than 80% views real estate as a good investment. Efficient trading with real estate assets does not exist today and increased liquidity could potentially increase the existing market with a 20–25% liquidity premium.

Business Model

One-time % Based Fees

Discover and invite as many real estate firms as possible to tokenize their holdings

% Based Transaction Fees

Invite qualified investors to join the marketplace, review offerings, and trade accordingly.

Subscription Fees

Provide valuable analytics to both the real estate firms and investors

Are you looking to expand your investor pool for your dream real estate project?

Advisory Team

Rob Bellmar

Rob Bellmar

Business Advisor
President and General Manager, Product and Strategy at Intrado
Rick Leacock

Rick Leacock

Technology Advisor

President and CEO at Integrated Digital Solutions


David Screnar

Accounting Advisor

General Manager, Accounting & Finance at Corvias

Initial Customer Partners

Real Estate Firms Committing to Tokenize with ESTOKEN

Blackfish Investments

Real Estate Investments
Combined, the Blackfish Investments partners have over 40 years of development, multifamily and student housing experience, have acquired over $1 Billion in assets, underwritten over $2.5 Billion of real estate acquisitions, and have been involved in the development of hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate projects.

Bach Homes, LLC

Real Estate Construction & Holdings
Bach has and currently develops thousands of lots and has built thousands of homes along the Wasatch Front. Bach also builds, owns and manages apartment projects, adding 350 – 700 units per year to its portfolio.


Real Estate Buyer, Seller & Holdings
The first ibuyer to buy anything and in any condition. Brick, the future of real estate.
mybrickoffer.com | brick.works